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I created this blog to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence still has a stigma attached to it that makes victims hang their heads in shame. I intend to change this. I also intend to work diligently to change the laws that determine how domestic violence offenders are prosecuted. Too many are let out to return to do further damage to those they supposedly “love”.

Do as I have done, please be a part of the solution, be an advocate, be a volunteer, work the hotline, donate your time, money, or whatever you feel you can. Domestic violence affects many people every year, and that number is growing by the thousands every year. Let’s stop this epidemic now.


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  1. on the comment to your past, I think it takes soonmee brave to share a story so publicly. Domestic Violence is something that happens to so many people and I am thankful that you took the opportunity to bring awareness. You are one strong woman!!

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