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I was riding home this afternoon and I heard a woman call in for the Magic 96.5 FM Magic Christmas Wish program. This woman was a victim of domestic violence. She had 5 children, and her husband was in jail for domestic violence. She had no way of providing Christmas for them, her stove doesn’t work and the heat in her car was broken. This affected me in a major way. I wanted to reach out to her but have no idea who she is. But, I remember those days of despair and desperation.

There was a time when I was alone trying to figure out how to raise children on no support, working three jobs, and scared to death about how to feed my family and survive on my own. This woman’s pleas brought all of that back to me.

There are too many women out there alone, scared and trying to figure out how to make it on their own. That is why so many women stay in abusive relationships, fear. They are afraid to leave, afraid to stay, afraid to call out for help, afraid to stand on their own and change their lives. They are afraid of the unknown, afraid of what lies ahead, afraid of what might happen to her children, and afraid to go through it alone.

This has to stop. Women have to realize that they are not alone, there is help out there. We need to empower them to reach out, support them, give them encouragement to make that call. It is time to put a stop to the suffering, and pain and embarrassment of domestic violence. Please find time to learn about domestic violence, its causes and ways to prevent it. Find a way to volunteer to help these women, if you can. Donate to shelters; money, clothes, and food are always welcome. If you know someone in your community that is suffering please lead them to help. This woman needs help and there are too many like her. Like me, once.

Let’s put an end to domestic violence, today.


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