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Be the Change, Save a Life

I was watching “The View” one morning and Diane Sawyer was on the show talking about her new 20/20 special “Be the Change, Save a Life” that aired Friday night December 17, 2010, on ABC. She was speaking about how she is going around the country challenging high school students to solve one of the worlds problems, and once they do so, sending that solution to whatever country that needed the solution and making a change, saving a life. It occurred to me that this is how we could possibly put an end to domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a national epidemic. It is not just a local problem. Women come from all walks of life, rich, and poor are suffering. They are suffering because we cannot figure out how to put an end to this never ending, vicious cycle problem. Maybe what we need is a challenge to figure out how to solve this problem. Sure, it is a social, behavioral and economical problem, but there has to be a solution. Women and children must stop suffering at the hands of those they love. Women must stop dying because they once trusted and loved someone.

Domestic violence is a silent epidemic no one talks about it until it is too late. This is the solution to the problem, education, community awareness, community programs, and community volunteering. But, most of all getting it out in the open where women who are abused are not afraid to come for help, are not afraid they won’t be heard and are not afraid that they have to hang their heads in shame and embarrassment due to the abuse.

I am challenging us all to find a solution to the problem and cure this silent epidemic. It is about time that women and children can be safe in their homes, and safe to live a life full of love and happiness. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is working diligently everyday to find new solutions to this problem.

Posted on this site is information to help those that may be hurting, but further more there is a link to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence so that you may contact them with ideas, and other resources to help put an end to domestic violence.

Let’s make 2011 the year we find a solution to and put an end to domestic violence, one woman at a time.


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